Lux Ion (imluxionverdin) wrote in linguaphiles,
Lux Ion

Thank you to this community.

This post isn't asking a question. I just wanted to say thank you for answering a question I asked awhile ago, because the answer was very important to me, and also to tell you something someone said about this community.

I asked a question about Latin and people here were very, very helpful and nice. As a result of the suggestions and web references, I managed to create a small Latin quotation which was based on an actual piece of Latin writing. (I don't want to say what the quotation was, it's personal.)

I then got this phrase made as an inscription inside a wedding ring. I then went a few thousand miles and married my fiancee, giving her the ring. She in turn gave me a wedding ring with an inscription inside it, with a different phrase. Her phrase was in Irish.

It was actually shortly after the ceremony when we were driving in the car and were alone that we took off the rings and read the inscriptions, which up until then had been a surprise to both of us (she didn't know mine and I didn't know hers.)

While I was at the wedding, totally unconnected, a friend was talking to me, and they mentioned that they had stumbled across this community by looking at my LJ friends list, and had found it a very interesting one. I wanted them that not all communities on my friend's list were populated by as nice and as helpful and as interesting a group of people as seem to be here.

Thank you linquaphiles.


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