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Hi, I just joined. I have a few questions about Portuguese that I haven't been able to find answers for anywhere else, so I decided to try a language community.

1. A song by Kelly Key that I like is called "Escondido", and one of the lines in it is "A gente sai escondido". Why isn't it "escondida"? Isn't "gente" a feminine word? (Kelly Key is from Brazil, in case this has something to do with Brazilian Portuguese). Here are all of the lyrics to the song, in case it helps.

2. Also from Kelly Key songs...what do the verbs "esculachar", "zoar", and the word "zoação" mean? I haven't found them in any dictionary I've looked in.

3. From listening to songs, "ão" sounds a lot like an "ow" in English (like in "now"), but a little softer...is this correct?

4. I've read that the letters r, s, x, and z are pronounced differently in different cities of Brazil. How do they sound different in each city?

Thanks for your help!

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