these things get louder (trenchcoatedson) wrote in linguaphiles,
these things get louder

French Pop Radio Stations

Hi! I was wondering if there are any French Top 40/Pop stations that I can listen to online. Any format or way to listen is fine, not only do I have a Mac, but a PC- and like every program possible. Just as long as it's online or the stream can be opened in an external program. I would prefer the music to be a mix between French and English pop hits.

I normally listen to OuiROCK, which is a Rock French station that broadcasts online and has French and English rock songs as well as DJs and commercials in French. So I'm looking for something like that- except targeting the pop/Top 40 variety.

If anyone knows of one, please direct it my way and I'd be very grateful. ^^

P.S.: I would also prefer French stations from... France, but I guess Canadian French is fine, too.
Tags: french, music

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