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Reference recommendations

As part of my new job (hurray for getting to be a professional linguist finally!), I need to build up my language reference library again. Much of what I have is fifteen years out of date (which is as useful to me in the current circs as Mr. Johnson's original might be).

For my preference, I'd have a x01 Verbs for each language (Russian, German, French - I have the German already, want to find out if there's a 501 for Russian yet, instead of the old 201 I've got).

Where I'm looking for recommendations is for three books:

I need a dictionary each for French, German and Russian, and by that I mean a monolingual one for each. I already know enough to find the newest Duden for German. Can anyone recommend a French and a Russian monolingual dictionary? As in, what people would call a dictionary in those countries?

Also, I need a recommendation for a good German-English/English-German dictionary. My French and Russian are Oxford - I have the Concise Oxford Russian-English, and the Oxford-Hachette Concise French.

So, to sum up:

1) A French dictionary, monolingual?

2) A Russian dictionary, monolingual?

3) A German-English bidirectional dictionary?

Anyone? Anyone? Bueller?
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