Christy Corr (christycorr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Christy Corr

Harry Potter riddle

Hello! I'm run a small Harry Potter encyclopaedia, and I was wondering if any fan here could give me a hand with finding translations (and translating them back to English) to the Sphinx's riddle at the end of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire.

I have found several translations in this website via Wikipedia, but alas, I do not speak anyone who knows these languages. So, if you know Basque, Czech, Finnish, Norwegian, Slovenian or Russian, and could help me by translating that, it would also be wonderful!

I'm trying to complete this page, which, as you can see, only has a few languages so far, and some of them are not even translated yet. Is there any chance some of you like the book, would happen to have access to it, and could post the translation either here or there? It is a wiki project, so anyone can edit; but, if you'd rather post it here, I'd gladly move the information there.

I would need:
- The poem in any given language
- The literal translation to it
- The answers to each part, and their equivalents in English
- If possible, information on how hard it is for Harry to get to these answers, and whether the words used are common/precious in any way.

Thank you in advance! Any language whatsoever (other than Portuguese, Italian, French, Dutch and German, because I've got those covered) would be a great help!

(Also posted in foreignlanguage.)

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