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Awesome flamenco question (The flamenco is awesome, not the question)

So I've recently discovered Ojos de Brujo, an awesome Spanish flamenco fusion group (National Geographic World Music is the shits . . .), and got Barí from the library. I speak Spanish pretty well (I've been studying if for about five years), so I understand the lyrics to a certain extent, but when I read the lyrics in the liner notes, I notice some things that seem a bit unfamiliar, and I was wondering if they were non-standard or dialectal or Catalan-influenced or a way to represent how the words actually sound when sung (e.g. "singin'" in English) or what.

One big thing I've noticed is past participles, for example "Memorias Perdías" for "lost memories", "me has mandaito", and "me he echao", where I would have expected "memorias perdidas", "me has mandato", and "me he echado". (Slightly related: "me vuelto" for "me he vuelto".)

Another thing I noticed is "pa" for "para".

And some interesting things are clearly just typographical: a rather sparse use of upside-down exclamation marks, and ke (and ké) for que (and qué).

Lyrics here if anyone's curious . . .
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