axoaxonic (axoaxonic) wrote in linguaphiles,

chinese characters needed!

Relatives needed gift ideas for me a while back and I asked for picture frames.

So, *of course,* I am gifted 5 small blank canvasses with silver and black paint and brushes.

I am not particularly artistic. I can do a symbol, but not a picture. I asked myself what symbols I would want hanging on my walls, then thought on it for a while. Currently in Germany, where I live, Asian themes are very popular. Dragons and such thrill me, but buying clothing and bedding with a language you don't understand has always scared me off. It probably says, 'Stop stealing our culture, stupid Gringo!' Well, maybe not.

MY POINT: To combine my skills with my gifts and humor and trends, I would like to paint a 5-figure sentence on these canvasses that says something silly. Preferably more complex characters, like Chinese as opposed to Japanese.

I would like to say something silly like 'fridge is broken,' 'next brothel 10 miles,' 'i want a hamburger,' 'water impotable,' 'i am a gringo,' or something like that.

If anyone could write a few sentences or phrases taking 5 complex Asian characters, tell me what language it is written in, and give the translation, I would be very thankful!

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