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I Really Don't Want To Ask Dad...

Prompted by that random post all the way down there about the Sistine Chapel painting and potentially offensive words...

daddy (in a sexual, homo sense),
bottom - "passive" partner in intercourse in penetrative intercourse
queen - I say "folle", sometimes "tante"...??
to come out (of the closet)
to come (sexually) - I say venir but I dunno if I'm anglicising.
to fuck - Is anal sex expressed differently from vaginal sex? Or do you HAVE to say, like... enculer?
drag - As in, wearing clothes of the opposite sex...
faghag - A girl who loves to chill around a bunch of gay guys...
top - "active" partner in penetrative intercourse

weed/chronic/pot/grass, etc. - I say "pot". But I dunno if I'm anglicising. I could've sworn I've heard it somewhere though.
drugs - in general. specific words for E, speed, acid, crank would be good too.
dime - ten bucks worth o' weed
spliff - Yanno. That cute little thing, that's all white and fragile and you smoke out of.
blunt - Yanno, the bigger thing that is usually brown. e_e (Love my definitions, no?)
high/ripped/stoned - what happens after you blaze, lmfao
to juice - "Let's juice before the concert, guys!", idiomatic expressions for drinking alcohol, also intransitive
blaze/burn - to smoke weed - it's an intransitive verb.
bong/bowl, etc.
crunk - I dunno how to define this because my friends always argue about what this word means. Some say it just means to get really, really drunk. Others say it designates being drunk and high at the same time.

Normally, I have a preference for Parisian or continental slang. But I'm in Canada, and there's no point talking to people using slang from another country. Also! Going through a connect-with-my-roots phase in my life. So Tagalog and Marseillais slang would be awesome too. (^_^)

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