pato ellington (superslowmo) wrote in linguaphiles,
pato ellington

take off your shoes!

i'm kind of being a nerd/jerk and making a sign for my apartment door. i want it to say "Please knock!" and "Take off your shoes!" in english, spanish, portuguese (BR), and german... mostly because then, people might read it and actually do these things... but, i'm stuck:

Please knock!
¡Llama a la puerta, por favor!
< i'm fairly sure this is right, but i've never had much need to talk about knocking at doors...
Bata à porta, por favor! < same here. i could very well have this verb wrong.
Klopf an, bitte! < very new to german, so this was a LEO-guided guess

Please take off your shoes!
¡Quítate los zapatos, por favor!

Te quite os sapatos, por favor! < this one is driving me mad! i cannot find anything on imperatives in reflexive verbs in brasilian portuguese or where to put the pronoun
Zieh dich deine Schuhe aus, bitte! < another guess.

also, if anyone would like to throw in some more pairs in other languages/dialects (català, european portuguese, LATIN, etc), that would be cool ;)
Tags: english, german, portuguese, spanish, transcription request

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