Xtake me back to wei gong cunX (bluecollarmoxie) wrote in linguaphiles,
Xtake me back to wei gong cunX

um weird.

so my one day to sleep in, and i get a random phone call at 7am. the person just starts speaking some language i've never heard before like i am the person he wanted to talk to. i'm half awake at this point and i say, "excuse me? who is this?" and he hangs up.

7:05. calls again. same thing. "hello? who are you?" and hangs up.

almost immediately calls back again. "hello?" ~language i don't understand~ "i can't understand you!!!"

the number is registered as +3873028**** in my cell phone.. international, yes?

the only words i can remember was something that sounded like "estem bula" or "esten bula" or something. the 3rd call he pretty much kept saying that over and over. it was an older man, like dad-aged

estem bula anyone?

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