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French help? "limp wrist" etc

I have a large poster of this famous painting:

As a gay Christian, I want to make the poster mroe relevant to me.

I want to paint "limp wristed twink," "limp-wristed fag" or something similar over Adam's limp wrist, and I want to paint "older man" or "older daddy" over God's hand.

I want it to sound as idiomatically French as possible (with a preference for Quebecois French over European French), but still get the idea across in a natural way.

Unfortunately my French skills are not that good, as best I can do is a literaly translation with the help of a dictionary and I know that's not the best idea in the world.

Can anybody please help me? If you post a word or phrase, could you give me the literal and/or more figurative meaning?

Grand merci!!

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