Michelle (i_broke_it_) wrote in linguaphiles,

I was told to try posting this here.

I've been trying to find out the literal meaning of this zenga scroll (meaning, what each individual character means) for some time now. I've read two different translations: "Why is it necessary for a monk to live in the mountains?" and "Why should a hermit live in a great wood?" I tried asking the Hanzismatter guy and posting it on both the Chinese and Japanese LJ communtities, and no answers. I've been told that the calligraphy makes it tough to read, and also that fact that it was written by a Shinto monk in the 1700s might make it difficult. It's by Jiun Sonja-Onko and is in the Gitter-Yelen collection where it is called "Calligraphy: Great Hermit." I have also tried emailing them and one or two Japanese art professors, but haven't gotten anything back (but I am trying again). If no one here can read it, can anyone give me a resource of where to go to find it? It doesn't seem to be a very famous scroll.

Here it is at the Gitter-Yelen website: http://www.gitter-yelen.org/newsite/action.lasso?-db=CollectionWorks.fp3&-lay=Simple&-format=detail.htm&-recid=109&-find

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