The girl who never sleeps (kaji_mushiro) wrote in linguaphiles,
The girl who never sleeps

omniglots language ranking?

Hey guys (and girls)

What do you think of Omniglot's language ranking system?

They give a language a various numbers of points based on various factors and come up with this list of world languages:

Here is the website which explains hwo they got their tabulations:

  1. English (37)
  2. French (23)
  3. Spanish (20)
  4. Russian (16)
  5. Arabic (14)
  6. Chinese (13)
  7. German (12)
  8. Japanese (10)
  9. Portuguese (10)
  10. Hindi/Urdu (9)

To me it seems strange that French is before Spanish and Arabic. What say you?


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