Ad astra per alia porci (paulistano) wrote in linguaphiles,
Ad astra per alia porci

Two Unrelated Questions

1. Someone stated today in useless_facts that a french kiss (a open-mouthed kiss using the tongue) is called an "English Kiss" en france. I don't know why, but I doubt this assertion. Well part of me does--in Brazil, it's called an "Italian Kiss." So I guess I could see it happening. Can anyone confirm/deny this for me?

2. For those English speakers out there. Which sounds best to you:

a. I graduated Harvard in 1998.
b. I graduated from Harvard in 1998.

My mom always told me that sentence A was an East Coast thing (being a native Californian, she always said this with some derision :). If one sentence sounds more natural than the other, I'd love to know where you're from so I can figure out a pattern (if any).

To me, both sentences sound acceptable, but the first sounds a bit awkward. However, I do say "I graduated high school." So I don't know this instance would be different.

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