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German "How do you say"

(UPDATE: Got a good answer, thank you, to both questions. For the first: bezüglich was the word I needed, and for the second, I'll go with the Oxford :). )

I'm looking for how one would say:
"Billing-related questions"

Billing is easy - Berechnung or Gebührenzahlung - and questions - Anfragen.

But how would I, in short terms, get that "-related" in there? It seems impossibly awkward to do the end run of "die in Verbindung mit ___ stehen" or something...

(EDIT: Good point from dellaran: I don't want to just simplify it to "Fragen über Ihre Rechnung" or something like that, because I'm doing this with the goal of producing as near to exhaustive a list as I can of the ways in which people might request this particular piece of information (so that we can properly model the range of possibilities for the AI to recognise). This is also why I'm using, in this example, Anfragen rather than just Fragen; some people will always say "inquiring" when "asking" would have done. I know, cause I'm one of them. ;) So the simpler forms I've got; I'm working on the more esoteric, stilted, and awkward ways of saying the same things now. )

On a side note, may I share something squeeful with y'all? Who might appreciate it more than here?

I'd been searching for work for literally months and months, digging around in ads for web designers, graphic designers, writers, translators, anything I could find. A friend sent me an ad last Wednesday, about a local company seeking a "Natural Language Grammar Specialist". Long story short, I'm now working for them - as a linguist. OMG! I finally, finally get to use my whole degree training for something! The company is working on natural language processing systems for commercial apps - an AI to help learn the customer base's linguistic quirks more quickly, and to interpret natural language in such a way as to allow more efficient interaction with customers. W00t! I'm a linguist again!

Which is how I come to be wondering about German this morning, and billing-related questions. :)

And on a related note - anyone got any recommendations for a good, thorough, German-English dictionary that's quite recent? I'm finding my 15-year-old Collins is groaning under the strain of language change. I've already got a good Duden on my list for the in-German book, but wondered if anyone's particularly happy with a recent edition of a German-English. This is for work, so money isn't the biggest concern - effectiveness is. I'm Canadian and English, so I'd much prefer one that uses Brit spellings if possible (sorry, my neighbours to the south, but your orthography confuseth me endlos).
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