Aarin (freak_thankyou) wrote in linguaphiles,

Intro and a question

I've been here for awhile, but I forgot o make an intro post. My name is Aarin. I live in Georgia, USA. I'm 16 and I'm a huge music nerd. I speak English (forever), Spanish (8 years, but I didn't really start learning till four years ago and I'm nowhere near fluent 'cause my teachers kind of suck). I've attempted to learn American Sign Language several times, but it hasn't worked out. I was doing so much better this time, but there's no one I can practice with, no one to tell me whether I'm wrong or not, and my only teacher is the internet which has almost no grammar and I'm not good enough to understand vlogs or anything so I stopped a few weeks ago. I identify as asexual pansexual genderqueer/queer/whatever/who cares. I know in English, new pronouns are being used among some groups that are neither male or female. Have any of those been made (or are naturally part of the language) for other languages (especially Spanish)? Would it be okay for me to use pronouns and adjectives randomly to refer to myself in Spanish?
Tags: spanish

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