co_lum_bus (ex_co_lum_bu730) wrote in linguaphiles,

where can I get scrod?

You may have heard an old Boston joke about a guy who had heard about a delicious fish called scrod, so he comes to Boston, hails a cab, and tell the driver: "Take me someplace where I can get scrod!" The cabbie says, "Sure thing, bud, but why are you using the subjunctive pluperfect?"
In a another version of the same joke the cabbie replies: "Do you mean a whorehouse or the State? House?"

I have two questions about this joke: First, why is that subjunctive pluperfect? In other versions the driver calls it "pluperfect participle" or "third-person pluperfect indicative". I do not see any indication of any form of pluperfect in any of these.
Second, are there (were there) indeed English dialects where screwed would be pronounced as scrod?

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