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Hello! My name is damnreccaishot, and I'm new to this community. Uhm my native language is Tagalog (Philippines), and I've been living here in America for 7 years, so I'm pretty fluent in English as well. Right now I'm studying Japanese, currently in the 2nd year. I think it's THE language that I definately want to keep learning about, and since I feel very passionate about it, I want others who want and are willing to learn, to have the opportunity to at least get acquainted with the Japanese language.

On the same note, I know I like to search the internet for any Japanese help I can get my hands on, and sadly, I can't find too many out there. Either that, or it's really hard to read. And so I decided to make my own Japanese Lesson livejournal. It's called Japanese_tutor, so please if you want, go ahead and check it out. Basically I put up a dialogue in romaji Japanese, give you an English translation, and then break it down to show you how the sentence was put together. I am also going to put up mini quizzes and excercises you can use to help you gauge how much material you are learning. It's not professionally made; it's a bit colloquial so I think you won't find it that hard to understand. It's newly made so help and comments would be much appreciated.

I'm sorry for plugging, but since this is a language loving community, I thought people would be interested. ^_^

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