Juliet Capulet (euphoric1dr) wrote in linguaphiles,
Juliet Capulet

portuguese on my own

hey guys! hope your language studies are going well. =)

i'd just like to get some feedback on how i could try to keep up with studying portuguese, i have other romance language background so much of it is fairly intuitive more or less, but i had wanted to go to brazil this summer to volunteer and hopefully pick up the language better. unfortunately the flights are far too expensive so i'll have to postpone going. anyhow, i was wondering what would be the best tools to use for trying to learn on my own? do you guys recommend rosetta stone, or pimsleur, or just reading, writing, and speaking to myself 24/7 until i breathe and live and dream in portuguese? =) i'm a little nervous with trying to learn this language, since portuguese seems to have many unique sounds and ways of pronouncing things that are not necessarily phonetic, like how the d's become j' sounding and the t's become ch's. like in 'de onde voce e' and 'o leite.' (where are you from and milk, if i've gotten it right!)

also, is brazillian very different from the varieties spoken in portugal and parts of africa? i know of course there would be accent and voice 'coloring' and amplification differences as with any two different regions of the same language. but i wanted to know if say, i went to portugal and then hopped a flight to mozambique, would i be able to comprehend others and also be understood with my own spoken variant (well: provided i had a good knowledge by this point of the correct grammar and vocab of the language! let's just assume this would be the case hypothetically. =)

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