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Translation help.

This is my first community post, and I do hope that the content and my request are acceptable. (Mods, my apologies in advance if they're not.)

I'm working on a paper for my Rhetoric of Narrative grad class, and I'm looking at the role of dialogue/discourse in memoir, etc. etc. I found what appears to be a really great resource for the work that I'm doing, except that the whole book is in Spanish, and I haven't studied Spanish since high school.

So, behind the cut I've got four rather lengthy quotes that I've translated. I'm hoping someone might be willing to give me some feedback on my translations -- and especially on whether I've translated ethically where I've gone more for "natural sounding" English than for a word-for-word literal translation. I'd like to include these quotes in my paper, and while my teacher doesn't speak Spanish, I'd still like to be as accurate as possible.

  1. Consideramos que el diálogo es un signo literario, o quizá podríamos hablar con más propiedad de un formante de signo literario capaz de integrarse en contextos variados con sentidos que dependen del context pragmático y en convergencia con otros signos lingüísticos o literarios en unidad de lectura.

    We consider the dialogue a literary sign, or perhaps we could speak more properly of a form of literary sign capable of being integrated, in various contexts, with senses that depend on the pragmatic context, and convergent with other linguistic or literary signs in the unit of reading.

  2. Es possible que en el discurso literario el diálogo no tenga en ocasiones otra finalidad que la estilística de romper la monotonía de una expression en primera persona, o la enunciación objetiva no personal de un narrador extradiegético, para dar paso a las voces alternantes de las personajes en primera y segunda personas que se integran en un discursos envolvente en tercera; es possible también que el diálogo se utilice con una finalidad mimética para conseguir una impression de realizmo y una apariencia de lenguaje tomado de realidad social.

    It is possible that in literary discourse, dialogue sometimes does not have a purpose other than the stylistic one of breaking the monotony of first-person expression, or the objective impersonal statement of an extradiegetic narrator, to lead to the alternating voices of the first- and second-person characterizations (personages?) that are integrated in a primarily third-person discourse; it is also possible that the dialogue be employed with a mimetic purpose to obtain an impression of realism and an appearance of language taken from social reality.

  3. El diálogo puede presentarse como una secuencia de argumentos alternatives o de enunciados que pretenden dar una información referencial (diálogo informativo, objetivo) dirigida recíprocamente a los interlocutores... Pero igualmente el diálogo puede presentarse como una secuencia de argumentos coincidentes que corroboran una misma idea defendida dogmáticamente, por más que sea a través de un discurso diálogo.

    Dialogue may be presented as a sequence of alternative arguments or as statements that intend to give referential information (informative or objective dialogue) directed reciprocally to the interlocutors... But dialogue may equally be presented as a sequence of coinciding arguments that corroborate the same dogmatically defended idea, that they may better traverse a discursive dialogue.

  4. Puede interpretarse también el diálogo como forma de otros sentidos literarios, que son también propios (aunque no buscados) del diálogo estándar.

    Dialogue can also be interpreted as a form of other literary sentiments, which themselves are also (even if unsought) from the standard dialogue.

Thanks in advance for your help!!

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