Dan/Skippy (jijnasa) wrote in linguaphiles,

Intro and Question

Hi folks, first time poster here, so I'll give some background:

English - my native language.
Latin - two years in middle school, most of which I don't remember.
French - two years in high school, some of which I remember.
German - just under two semesters in college, some of which I remember.
Sanskrit - three years at a very slow pace, then two years at a fairly intense pace. I may stick with classes for another year or two or just read on my own from here on out.
Tibetan - one summer, and one semester. I stopped because it wasn't as useful as other languages for my studies.
Hindi - one year, and I intend to continue for another year or two, possibly with an intensive summer thrown in.
Tamil - next on the agenda. I might start it in September if I decide to do Sanskrit on my own.

I'm finishing up my MA in religion at Columbia (focus on South Asia, in case you didn't guess), then I'll be heading to Syracuse for my PhD.

I'm thinking about freshening up my German or French this summer. I need to develop a reading knowledge of one or the other for my PhD at the very least, but I think I'd ultimately like to be able to speak both with at least some level of proficiency. I'll figure that out as I go along, but for now I'm interested in doing some German on my own this summer. Anyone out there have any recommendations in terms of books, software, etc. that might be good?

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