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Well reading New Scientist i came across two fascinating Articles, well i found them interesting.
The first one was about Blue the Colour and how Russian Speakers can differentiate its shades better then English speakers.

Russian speakers get the blues

The language you speak can affect how you see the world, a new study of colour perception indicates. Native speakers of Russian – which lacks a single word for "blue" – discriminated between light and dark blues differently from their English-speaking counterparts, researchers found.

the next is about Chimpanzee's and Bonobos.

Bonobos and chimps 'speak' with gestures

Human spoken language may have evolved from a currency of hand and arm gestures, not simply through improvements in the basic vocalisations made by primates.

This "gesture theory" of language evolution has been given weight by new findings showing that the meaning of a primate's gesture depends on the context in which it is used, and on what other signals are being given at the same time. Gesture is used more flexibly than vocalised communication in nonhuman primates, the researchers found.


Just though i would share.

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