!*#@%%@ (joho07) wrote in linguaphiles,

I find it incredibly hard to get online and post my own questions, so I write them all down, and end up posting them in one post. Sorry for the inconvenience, here they are:

1. I got in a really heated debate with a couple of my friends about sing language. I don't speak it (hah), and neither do any of them, so we didn't really have a credible source, other than the dictionary (which mentioned using your vocal chords). The debate was over whether or not you speak sign language. I opted for the position that you can speak it, because it is a method of communication and expression. They all think sign language is not spoken but signed. Any opinions or minds that can enlighten me?

2. I was watching Blackboard Jungle the other day, and a phrase caught my attention. A kid in the movie said "2+2 are 4", instead of is. If you add items to it, are makes more sense than is in my mind (2 apples + 2 apples are 4 apples). Is are grammatically more correct or just old fashioned? Or is is slang, or perhaps American?

3. This question kind of piggy backs off the previous one. "None of us is immune...", not are immune? I feel like are is more commonly used than is. Or is this also grammatically correct and are is maybe slang?

Feel free to answer just one or all questions. Thanks for your answers!

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