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Tango niemoralne

This question is addressed to Polish speakers. Some days ago I heard this song. I understood that this song is about Bill-Monika story. I didn't find its text and I can't hear all the words in this song. What I heard is as follows:

To jest tango tango niemoralne (This is an amoral tango)
O milosci co echa ma fatalne (About a love which has very bad echos)
On jest pierwszym czlowiekiem w Ameryce (He is the first man in Ameryca)
Ona byla u niego na praktyce (And she was at her practice)

Mieli miastko(?) zacisne w bialym domie (They had quiet place in White House)
Tam palili cygara po ... (There they smoke cigar ...)
I byc moze przetrwaly by to ... (And maybe it would last ...)
Gdy by ona sie ugryzla ... (If she ...)

Billu Clintonie
Mogl bys grac na saksofonie (Could play saxofone)
Mogl bys ... swa Hillary (Could ... his Hillary)
Zamiast mlodej ... (Instead of young ...)

Billu Clintonie
Znow ci posiwialy skronie (Your temples turned grey again)
Mogl by wsta... na ...ach
Zala... cie Monika


Uslyszaly o tym swiata ludy (People of the world heard about this)
Prokurator zlapal sie za brudy (The attorney caught this dirty story)
I nie ws... go za kr...
Gdy on jeszcze nosil jej kr... (When he brought her ...)

To jest tango tango niemoralne (This is amoral tango)
Co nie konczy wcale sie fatalne (Which didn't have bad end)
Jej wspomnienia sprzedane za milliony (Her memories were sold for millions)
A on wrocil do swej biendej zony (And he returned to his poor wife)

To jest tango tango z ... w ...
Caly swiat obnosil go na ...
Lecz historja romancu pokazala (But the end of the story showed)
Ze Bill syty i Monika cala (That Bill is full and Monica is intact)

Can anybody help me to write the full text of the song?


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