name (kite_head) wrote in linguaphiles,

A few questions about IPA

I have a few questions. First of all, I downloaded this font called Doulos SIL (I don't know if anyone is familiar with it) that says it should allow me to type IPA. When I first downloaded it, it worked, a few months ago it worked. It's still on my computer, but it's not doing the same shortcuts. My first question is: how can I fix this? And if I can't, what other fonts or programs or whatever should I use to be able to use the IPA?

Secondly, I'm curious about the IPA value for the word "after." Would it be something like: [ash-t-e-syllabic r? ] where "ash" is that weird looking a/e thing. (or if you didn't understand my description).

Thanks ya'll.

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