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Orange in South America

Me and dustinalfonso were discussing the word 'orange' and it's history, and so we'd like to know how those of you who speak South American varieties of Spanish pronounce the words for orange: the color, the tree, and the fruit. They're probably similar, but for consistency's sake I thought I'd ask for all. IPA preferable, but feel free to describe it however you must if you don't know IPA!

... Apparently in the variety of Guaraní that my field methods class is working with, the word is naráĝha máta [na'raŋha ʼmata]. naráĝha is clearly a loan, but I'm curious where the heck the /ŋ/ came from, and whether it's just the guaranization of the sounds /nh/, or if there's a reason in S. American Spanish for it.


(Oĩpa guaraníme oñe'ẽva ko atypýpe?)

Misc. notes: If it aids anyone's queries, Paraguayan Spanish and Guaraní both have an [x], but at least in the case of this dialect of Guaraní [x] is an allophone of /h/; can't comment on the phoneme/allophone status in Paraguayan Spanish though.
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