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german help ^^;

Hi everyone :) This Friday I'm going to Germany for a week through a sort of group exchange to do a show/play over there. But, um, I don't know any German at all. Even though we're going to be speaking a crazy mixture of catalan, spanish, english and german, the main language we'll be using between the two groups of us is english... However, even so, knowing a small bit of german will be necessary (obviously).

So I was wondering if anyone could let me know about any German slang, or words that you'd consider really important for someone to know on this type of trip... I don't really mean like "where is the bathroom?" (although undoubtedly that would be useful, and if you do feel like telling me, i'd appreciate it too, haha), which I could look up, but maybe something that is less easy to find on the internet but just as important... :)

For example, everyone keeps telling me how important the word (which I've ironically forgotten) that means "non carbonated water" is (because apparently in restaurants when you ask for water they assume you mean that you want it with bubbles... ?)

(cross-posting, sorry if you see this twice ^^;)

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