Haz (kapitankraut) wrote in linguaphiles,

Bit of a long shot

I'm asking this question here first because I think the story involves a mistranslation. I may well be wrong.

There's been a fair bit of coverage of Boris Yeltsin's life of late, and one of the pictures I saw in the newspaper today was of a press conference involving Yeltsin and Bill Clinton. Yeltsin's standing on the left of the shot and grinning from ear to ear, Clinton's on the right with his hand on his face laughing very hard.
It's a piece of footage which is sometimes played in the context of "unfortunate events for public figures", and the implication is always that one of the interpreters (or indeed one of the leaders) made some sort of amusing gaffe just beforehand, but I can't find out what that gaffe was. Does anyone have any ideas what it might've been?

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