jacki marie murphy (zuisa) wrote in linguaphiles,
jacki marie murphy

final project emergency

So. For my Spanish Phonetics & Phonology class I have to conduct a half hour interview with a native Spanish speaker, (in Spanish!) write down what they said, and then transcribe it all in IPA. This gigantic endeavour is due next Monday, but I have to get up and talk about my progress on Wednesday. I've had someone lined up (a friend of a friend I don't actually know) since January, but they've bailed on me now a series of times and I'm about to panic. I live in Fargo, ND, and I honestly do not know any native Spanish speakers. Were I home in Boston, this would be no problem, but... North Dakota.

I've pretty much given up finding someone in time. I *think* it would be possible for me to record something done over skype, which is obviously far from an optimal situation, but it would at least be *something*, even though I think I would have trouble speaking Spanish over the the internet. Oh well: I need SOMETHING.

So, I essentially need someone who would be willing to do an interview over skype in the very, very near future, who is also a native Spanish speaker.

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