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acá and aquí

So I was starting to think that I almost kind of understood the difference between acá and aquí, but haha like I'm ever going to understand a thing in Spanish. According to 1001 Pitfalls in Spanish, acá/allá are used with verbs of motion. Is this correct or not? Because I've been browsing WordReference forums for awhile and evidently both the following are used?

Aquí nos quedamos.
Acá nos quedamos.

Tonight I asked a friend from Mexico which was correct, ven acá or vén aquí, and he said very emphatically that ven acá "... ¡no es correcto!" and that it must be ven aquí. However I've even seen one person write ... "la diferencia de significado es nula." o_O

So, tell me which of the following are wrong, and why:

Estoy acá.
Venimos acá.
Tráigalo más aquí.
Nos movemos aquí.

So what's the difference to you? Regional as well as grammatical?

Also, in contexts do you use por aquí/acá and para aquí/acá?? x_x

Thanks for anyone who can help me out.
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