Patrick (antisamovar) wrote in linguaphiles,

'surname' in Spanish?

I recently purchased an airline ticket from Everything went fine except for the fact that it seems like I screwed up when entering my name. If my name were Bob Smith, I entered "Bob" where it asked for nombre and "Smith" where it asked for apellido. As far as I recall, apellido means surname/last name, and checking a couple online dictionaries as well as my roommate's Spanish 1 book confirmed this.

However, on my reservation I'm listed as "Mr. S Bob" and my name continues to appear as either Bob,Smith or Bob/Smith on the site. Is this normal, or should I be concerned that I actually entered my last name where I should have entered my first and vice versa? I know with absolute certainty that I put "Smith" in the apellido field, so I'm not really sure what's going on unless I'm really confused about the meaning of that word.

Many thanks.
Tags: spanish

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