Kengwen (kengwen) wrote in linguaphiles,

translation request, if possible

The post about the characters on the rug spurred this post, as I've been curious for a while.  I'm wondering whether the character in


is an actual character, and if so what it means.

If it is not an actual character (or if it means something strange), I'm wondering if anyone has recommendations of *reliable and accurate* websites or other resources I could direct the artist to to look up characters for words she wants translated for her art. I don't know that she has a particular languange preference (and I honestly don't know what language this might be in) - I think she chose this language because she thought the characters were prettier.  

(Yes, one could suggest that she use a language she is familiar with, but what say we not rant about selective appropriation of culture?  I'm not advocating, only trying to help her not make some hideous mistake.)

Edit: Thanks for the translation!  I'm glad it says what she thought it did.
Tags: translation request

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