Ian (bakedgoods10) wrote in linguaphiles,

Русский язык + Español или/o/or English?

Howdy! Name's Ian. I'm American and English by nationality. I'm about to turn twenty-one and have already dropped out of university twice in the past five years. I've been a Russian major at the University of Alaska Anchorage since I started my degree. It's been about a year since I last quit taking classes (in my senior year of Russian classes, with a bunch of general classes left to go). However, I am still passionate about finishing my degree and have been saving up to go back to school.

Currently, I'm narrowing down schools around the U.S. and England to which I wish to apply for the Spring 2008 semester. I will still be working toward my bachelor's in Russian (and after that, with hope, my PhD), but I'm bouncing back and forth between my minor (or possibly double-major), which, with not many Russian classes left, I should definitely be considering. At first, I thought English would be a good double-major (or minor), as I would like to spend some time in Russia, after earning my degree, teaching English. However, I've also got some Spanish credits under my belt and love learning that language/culture as well. I imagine, as a third language, Spanish would be a lot more useful- especially if I stay in America.

I'm just looking for some input from other parts of the world (English, Spanish, and/or Russian-speaking places). What would be most useful? Most marketable? Russian and Spanish or Russian and English? (Russian and Theatre, perhaps? Ha...just kidding. ;) Pre-emptive thanks for your inputs!

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