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How not to lose foreign language A while being immersed in foreign language B...?

Hey everyone! :]

I'm off to live in Japan in three months, which I'm very excited about! I really love the Japanese language and am really looking forward to learning a lot more. However, I worry about my Spanish. To give some background, I would say that my Spanish and Japanese are equally advanced - I'm not a native speaker of either, and while I hesitate to call myself fluent in either language, I am able to hold lengthy conversations without much problem and have a good ear for both. (I passed JLPT level 1, if that's any indication?!)

When I went to study in Japan for a year (I just got back last year), my Spanish during that time deteriorated a lot. :( I came back home to discover that I had forgotten a lot of vocabulary, and I had the hardest time trying to speak it again since the first foreign language to come to my mind was Japanese only. After a few months, I pretty much regained what I had lost (I speak Spanish at work with co-workers all the time, heh), but I know that it will happen again - and this time, I will be staying for an indefinite period of time.

So my question is - what are some things that I can do while in Japan to keep up my Spanish? Especially since the chance of finding native speakers to converse with seems slim to none. I'm considering looking online to find a good podcast or radio show to listen to once in awhile, and might try writing Spanish in my journal(I write one in Japanese). Does anyone have any other suggestions? To those who have been in a similar situation - what did you do?

Thanks again! Muchas gracias! よろしくお願いします!
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