Laura 真理子 (iloveyouohno) wrote in linguaphiles,
Laura 真理子

Help needed: US-American needs to learn English

The subject of this post may strike you as less than serious (or perhaps not...moving on), but it is extremely important to me to learn English from a foreigner's perspective, preferably US English, but any other major sort of English would do. I would like to become an English teacher in Germany and having learned German as a foreign language, I can rattle off German grammar rules, can predict where learning English-speakers would have problems, and can generally relate well to German-language learners. I can't say that I'm completely incapable of explaining anything in English, but if someone asked me to explain, say, English word order, verb classes, the various uses of the -ing verb form, or explain why it should be "I didn't know you were from Paris" instead of "I didn't know you are from Paris," I would have extreme difficulty and there would probably be a lot of pausing and "hmm"s.

I know English can be an inconsistent jerk, but I'd like to learn the rules commonly taught to beginning, intermediate, and advanced learners of English. I have English grammar books, but all are directed at native speakers and there's a lot of sentence parsing. Books targeted at teachers of ESL/EFL in English or books in German would be excellent.

Thank you in advance! You all rock!

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