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So, being Pakistani but not having grown up around it, I've decided to try to learn Urdu, as a "return" to the culture, in a sense. Does anyone know of some good online resources for it? I've done a bit of looking and can't seem to find anything truly helpful. Book suggestions would be nice too.

Also, I have a friend helping me (somewhat) with it; she gave me some conversational sentences, most of which I can figure out with a handy dictionary and good guessing skills, but I can't seem to get this:

Appko patha hai, kon hai? Appke peecha hai.

I have a vague idea of what this is. What exactly does it mean?

I'm also told that there is no real "standard" spelling; or at least, most don't follow it, and instead transliterate what they hear. As such, it can be difficult to find the words in a dictionary. Is this true of spelling?

Mujhay aap kee madad kee zarurat hay. [hahaha, totally copied from my dictionary]

Shukria! =)

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