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Any ideas?


I'm posting this on behalf of a friend who's currently translating some scenes from a Spanish film into English. Some of it was for a Uni project but she's doing more out of interest.

It's one of these situations where a play on words is made in one language and it's difficult to find a fitting translation. Here’s part of the script:

Lola: Sí, lo que nosotros ofreceríamos sería un "tour" por los
cuadros, una explicación breve, del contexto, no demasiado erudito.

Rosa: Que no sea un coñazo y que podamos hacerlo por nuestra centa...

Lola: O sea, no guías sino visitas guiadas. No Rosa? Ya lo estoy viendo
"visitas guiadas Rosa, Pilar y Lola".

Rosa: Suena a visitas guisadas.

Pilar: Entonces serían como viajes por el arte.

As she explained it to me, the pun here is that instead of saying “guided” visits it says “stewed” visits. She’s having trouble thinking of a way in English to convey this humour. Is there more to it then just the similarity in sound of the two words “guidas” and “guisadas”? Can anyone think of a word to replace “visits”, “tours”, or “guided” that would make sense?

Muchas gracias!


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