Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer (my_wanderlust_) wrote in linguaphiles,
Shara - The Ever Lost Adventurer

Fun with Swahili

So I'm looking into taking Swahili next year at my college, it's mostly a self taught course with 1 hour of tutoring and a 2 hour conversation block each week. Meaning mostly I'd be on my own. I have never heard Swahili, i have no experience with it. I *do* however have a decent grasp of Mandarin which i picked up fairly easily. How hard of a language is it to learn? I've heard the grammar structure is similar to Spanish re: memorizing endings etc, but honestly i have no idea.

Additionally..the other possibility i'm looking at is Zulu, which would be entirely self taught, and 1 hour of conversation a week, no help though.

Any recommendations/experiences that might help?

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