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Old French

Does anyone know how the Old French name Soumilloit is pronounced? I read somewhere that Modern French lait was pronounced more like [laIθ] in Old French. Is the final t in Soumilloit also a theta?

On a related note, I don't imagine Soumilloit is used as a name in Modern French (it may only be attested in a document from Scotland), but if it were, would it look the same? If not, how would it change? I can imagine how it'd sound based on the spelling, but I don't know much of anything about the transition from Old French to Modern French, and for all I know it would change substantially.

edit: According to this site, it would have started out as something like [soʊmilʲoɪθ], or possibly [soʊmiʎoɪθ], eventually becoming more like [sumilʲwe], [sumiʎwe].

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