kati (this_bugs_4_you) wrote in linguaphiles,

help! hebrew....

hello...yes, this is a "how do you say?" and a long one, at that!

i am trying to gather together both the hebrew and the english translation of the "words" to the "dayenu" part of the passover seder.  i have a hebrew transliteration, but since i don't speak hebrew, i'm not sure what the correct translation is...and every english translation that i find online seems to have different numbers of lines!  thus i can't fit any english translation to the transliteration i already have.

thus the request is:  could you either tell me what the following hebrew transliteration says in english (or spanish, since that's the language it needs to go into eventually....), OR offer up another version in both hebrew transliteration and english?

thank you VERY much!!!

Ilu hotzianu mimitzrayim, v'lo asah vahem sh'fatim, dayeinu.
IIu asah vahem sh'fatim, v'lo asah veiloheihem, dayeinu.
Ilu asah veiloheihem, v'lo harag et b'choreihem, dayeinu.
Ilu harag et b'choreihem, v'lo natan lanu et mamonam, dayeinu.
Ilu natan lanu et mamonam, v'lo kara lanu et hayam, dayeinu.
Ilu kara lanu et hayam, v'lo heeviranu v'tocho vecharavah, dayeinu.
Ilu heeviranu v'tocho vecharavah, v'lo shika tzareinu b'tocho, dayeinu.
Ilu shika tzareinu b'tocho, v'lo sipeik tzor'keinu bamidbar arbaim shanah, dayeinu.
Ilu sipeik tzor'keinu bamidbar arbaim shanah, v'lo heechilanu et haman, dayeinu.
Ilu heechilanu et haman, v'lo natan lanu et hashabat, dayeinu.
Ilu natan lanu et hashabat, v'lo keir'vanu lifnei har sinai, dayeinu.
Ilu keir'vanu lifnei har sinai, v'lo natan lanu et hatorah, dayeinu.
Ilu natan lanu et hatorah, v'lo hichnisanu l'eretz yisraeil, dayeinu.
Ilu hichnisanu l'eretz yisraeil, v'lo vanah lanu et beit hab'chirah, dayeinu.


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