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French translation request?

I have a friend who's a devout Catholic and gave up all chocolate for Lent. Lent is about to end soon (with Easter), and I'd like to give him some chocolate as a small gift, and a note sayign how much I admire his abilities to refrain from something he loves so much. This is what I'm thinking, in English:

Dear Jason,

I greately admire your small "suffering" over Lent by giving up chocolate. Now that Lent's over, please accept this small gift from me. May God bless you and all your loved ones. Happy Easter! Christ is risen indeed!


Could I get that in French? Of all the languages I'm familiar with, I'm afraid French is the poorest. :(

Feel free to loosely translate or to translate with idioms, whatever. I jsut want the general sentiment to be there.

(If it's too much and you need paid for it, I have a couple dollars on PayPal, but I really really hope somebody can do it for free, as I'm a stereotypical poor college student :P)

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