1976_pat (1976_pat) wrote in linguaphiles,

i need to learn German quick

Hello I hope I am posting this right. My friend told me to get a livejournal and tell about my stuation here.

I am going to be moving to a German-speaking area on July 17th and I speak no German at all. I'm going with my partner, who also speaks no German. The most language I have studied was 2 years of French in high school, and that's been years ago now. My partner is hispanic but only has so-so spanish because she is a 3rd generation english speaker.

Anyway we need to learn as much German as possible before we board the plane. It's too late to enroll in the german class in community college, and we're leaving before the new one starts in september.

Does anybody have any recomendations for books, CDs, DVDs, etc that could help me at least get used t othe language and learn how to say basic things? i know it takes a long time to learn a language, but I dont want to get over there and be lost.

My next stop is the public library so if anybody can recomend books, i will definately look for them!

Thank you!


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