B-movie starlet, does her own stunts (foutu) wrote in linguaphiles,
B-movie starlet, does her own stunts

exchange students!

If you've done a language exchange, hosted an exchange student, or known someone who's done either... What were your/their experiences? Good, bad? Would you recommend staying with a host family or staying in residence?

I just won an Explore bursary. Very, very cool. I'm going to UQAC for five weeks this summer, and if I want rez I have to tell them soon.

The rez is apartment-style and would probably be more fun, but the host family option is more attractive because I'll be forced to speak French 24/7. I'm a little wary of living with a family for five weeks though. I need to do some more research on my host institution, but hopefully you guys can provide me with your experiences.

Thanks in advance :)

edit// I'm nervous about both options... I had a physically abusive roommate the last time I went on an extended school trip, but I've heard all sorts of horror stories about host families too... :|

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