Krupa (dragonscreamer) wrote in linguaphiles,

spanish question

thanks guys for the help on my previous question. now i just have three more.

1) i've hear some people say, "me salio bien el examen." what exactly does it mean? same as "me fue bien el examen?"  what about "sali bien el examen?" how would i say, "the exam went well"? sorry if this is confusing you. i just don't know what people are exactly saying.

2) "quieres decir...?" does that mean, "do you mean..."? (ok, here is a grammar question: where does the question mark go if i'm using quotes? example: all of the quotes and question marks in the questions above. inside or outside the quotations?).

3) when do you add the "se" before a conjugated verb? i know that you use it (like se habla espanol) when you're talking about a place that speaks some language, but what other things? i don't understand when sometimes i would use "siento" and then "me siento" also.

ahh sorry again if these are dumb questions...i know i should probably know the answers to them already seeing how i'm in my 4th year of spanish, but i'm losing my brain
Tags: spanish

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