شيخ الحب (optimussven) wrote in linguaphiles,
شيخ الحب

Posty McPosterson...

So, yeah, this is a "x in all sorts of languages" post, but I'm doing it anyway because you all know you secretly love them.

In English if you want to jokingly (or condescendingly) refer to some attribute of a person you can do it in a few ways. Among the common ones are "Captain Blank" and "Blanky McBlankerson" (fill in the blanks with an adjective of course).

Examples (we'll use snarky):

Captain Snarky

Snarky McSnarkerson

Both could be used to chide some friend of yours who is being snarky.

Arabic uses Abu (father) for the same purpose:

"Abu Wajheyn" (Father Two-Faced), for example, is the first that came to mind. Sometimes you also hear "Muhendis" (Engineer) or Sheikh.

So what's the deal in other langauges? How do you do it?

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