tumbel (nevers) wrote in linguaphiles,

identifying text in an unknown language

years ago i put together a web page that's a guide to recognizing text in unknown languages. some of you may have even seen it; i posted about it here long ago. the idea is that you have some text and you don't know what language it's in, and this web page will help you identify it based on distinctive letters or letter combinations.

the problem is that there's no good way to incorporate it into my personal web site, plus it's very incomplete. and it's not doing anyone any good because nobody ever finds it; i'm not even sure it's indexed by google since it's not linked to from anywhere. and while i keep thinking i'll come back to it and make it more complete when i have more time, i don't think i ever will.

so the question is, what do i do with it? where would it be most useful and helpful? is there some web site that would like to host it, or someone who would like to take it on as their own project? i am happy to turn it over to someone else, though i'd like some credit for starting the project. any proposals, ideas, or suggestions?
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