spectre (5pectre) wrote in linguaphiles,

a greeting and possible request for translation

Hey all,

I'm from Norwich in the UK, I speak English (fluently), French (very badly) and can form basic phrases in Spanish, German and Russian. I'm studying for a masters degree in Linguistics at the University of East Anglia in Norwich.

Warning: Link posted contains offensive language in some languages, please don't follow if you are easily offended by material of a strongly political nature.

With that out of the way...

I've been soliciting translations for this phrase for about a year now, I understand the community asks not to request potentially offensive translations, which is why I'm giving the warning above and posting an external link. I'd like to get some input. The original idea came from a song by the Canadian punk band Propagandhi. The meaning of the phrase is something along the lines of "down with all national borders".


The link takes you to a Wikipedia page where the list of the translations is. Any input would be gratefully received. If this post is counted as spam I apologise in advance and encourage you to delete it, it was not my intention. :)
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