Craiguardo (bidnez) wrote in linguaphiles,

English with a German accent

Dear all,

1. pronouncing "R"
Is there something between uvular trill "R" and alveolar approximant r? The speaker knows English fluently, but makes different "R" sounds @ syllable initial position and syllable final. The former is more guttural than the latter. Also, when he's emotional, "r" is pronounced as a labial-velar approximant ("w").

2. "D"
Speaker knows about the German tendency to devoice to /t/, but something happens at syllable final position that sounds like it's between /d/ and /t/. It's harder sounding than English /d/, but not devoiced. Is that what is called a dental /d/? What might be going on here?

3. "s" to "sh"
When speaker is excited, "starved" becomes "shtarved," and "sitting" becomes--yes--"shitting." Is "sh" in word-initial position more common in German than "s"?

Any information is helpful. Thanks.
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