January 13th, 2018

purple witch

Swedish - word usage

Two questions for speakers of Swedish:

- Trygghet: I've seen it translated as "security, safety, confidence, certainty, trust".  Wiktionary also describes it as "all the comforts and securities we have grown used to back in Sweden".

So, to me it sounds like the kind of security people feel about their daily lives, e.g., about their employment, about health care.  But can you use "trygghet" to denote a profound feeling of safety and comfort instilled in you by a certain experience, such as being around certain people or in a particular environment, or even just a visual or auditory stimulus - something that makes you feel safe, like when you were a child?

- Gökotta: I've seen it translated on the web as "waking up early to hear the first birds sing", but the Swedish Wikipedia says (in Google's translation):

"Gökotta is a Swedish tradition to go out on bird watching and picnics at the time of spring and morning when the cuckoo begins to go out. In parts of Sweden, it has been common to celebrate gökotta, especially on the day of Christ's heavenly journey, and earlier also the day of treason and the days before Midsummer."

Is modern-day gökotta mainly a religious activity in Sweden?  Or can someone who is not religious just wake up early on any random day during spring or summer and go bird watching (and perhaps have a little "fika" along the way), and still call it "gökotta"?