October 12th, 2016

HP: Lily

FRENCH: Useful and simple and logical French grammar self-study book

I am looking for a logical and simple, and yet exhaustive French grammar self-study book. I am quite desperate, I've tried different approaches, different study books, but they were all на фиг, and I haven't learnt anything. I've exhausted my resources, I have no one to ask anymore, and I myself can't find anything close to satisfying. I have one more year to try and learn French (up to C1, I believe).

I like very much Gaston Mauger's "Cours de Langue et de Civilisation Françaises", but it was published some 50 years ago and it's not a grammar book, so.

The English grammar book that I would recommend to anyone is Murphy's Grammar In Use. There are explanations, exercises, and keys so that anyone could check his/her own progress. Do you know anything similar for French grammar?

I give you Aleksey Kuznetsov's (the old one's) beautiful interpretation of "Petite Fleur" to mellow your hearts:

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